See for yourself that you will be overwhelmed by Residence U Muzea

situační plán

The best way to get an idea about the uniqueness of the location and the project itself is to come see for yourself. Of course you can visit projet by making an appointment with an agent.

The developer and seller of these new dwellings in the project Residence U Muzea is CENTRAL GROUP, the largest residential developer and investor in new housing construction in the Czech Republic.

Residence U Muzea

Rubešova 2576/11, 120 00 Prague 2 – Vinohrady
GPS: 50.0783642N, 14.4325225E

Information about the project and making an appointment with an agent

Tel.: 226 222 222
Tel.: 737 275 371


EMPIRIA building
Na Strži 65, 140 00 Praha 4
IČ: 24227757
Register of Companies at Prague Municipal Court,
division B, insert 17925.